| Mar 2000 |

The first time i heard this album, I was half-surprised and half-disappointed
by the songs. Firstly, this album has only half succeeded its aim
of a completely new Mavis. Though most of the music pieces in this album
are 'electronic', with new elements added in, Mavis' way
of singing it still sounds the same. The same voice and same feelings.
I can say Mavis still has a long way in improving her singing. But, commendable
effort in the arrangement of the music. A nice futuristic feeling.
Nice songs contained in the album. Canna, written by Mavis herself,
is so far the most outstanding piece. When the Sunshine Turns Cold,
is a soothing piece of music recommended for the stressed-out souls.
The Question in the Air written by Chen Jia-Ming is yet of another
Mavis' great hit. A different album from the past ones.

Recommended Tracks
At the Eyebrow
When the Sunshine Turns Cold


Review 1996-2000
Review 1996-2000
| June 1999 |

Mavis' first compilation album was released in June this year.
This album definitely has a high collector's value as the songs
are all from her past albums' hits like Regret, Metal Grilles
and Moonlight in the City. The only new song in the album,
The Cigarettes You Smoke, is another of Mavis' new works.
The song takes time to grow on you but is definitely one of Mavis'
greatest works. This compilation album was released due to the ending of
her contract with What's Music. Because of this, her album sold like
hotcakes in Taiwan! Sales reached 250,000 and is now probably
around 300,000 pieces sold, judging from the sales each week.
However, sales did only so-so in Singapore due to her falling popularity.
Quality songs found in this album. Nice cover and great to see a more
simple Mavis!

Recommended Tracks
The Cigarettes You Smoke
Borders' 1999

Happiness is Guiltless
Happiness is Guiltless
| Jan 1999 |

Mavis' new Chinese album was finally released on the Jan 1999, making her
the first artiste to release an album in 1999. In this album, she roped in
more producers than before to help her pen her songs, which is considered
a breakthrough for Mavis.

Mavis sounded more matured in this album with more highs and lows in her songs
than her previous signature notes. Space Rock, a new kind of music introduced
in Mavis's music in Bian Jie 1999, is quite a nice track with catchy tune.
Maybe Perhaps Should is also nice, with a more powerful Mavis.
Turn Back and At Least, the bonus tracks from her previous album were
also included in the album. Covered with Blanket is also recommended
with Mavis singing in a half-sung, half-spoken manner.
Good quality on the whole. Nice songs and improved vocals.
Strongly recommended!

Recommended Tracks
Maybe Perhaps Should
Borders' 1999
Sign of the Wind
Covered with Blanket

Mavis EP
Mavis EP
| Sept 1998 |

Mavis first EP! What caught my attention at first was the transparent
see-through cover! I was expecting a picture of Mavis on the cover
with the lyrics booklet. The songs are new but Mavis still sounds the same:
the same old voice and the same old music.
Not that it's not good but there is simply no breakthrough in Mavis's music, making
it seemed boring. Sales did not do very well in Singapore.

Out of the 5 songs, Mavis penned 4 of it with 1 which was penned together with
long-time producer Chen Jia Ming. Mavis's songs seemed rather folk in this album,
which is evident in See Again and Love's Reason.
In the Singapore version of the EP, it comes with 2 extra bonus Chinese tracks,
Turn Back and At Least.

Recommended Tracks
Falling Apart isn't Everything
Love's Reason
Turn Back

Cover Myself
Cover Myself
| June 1998 |

Mavis' second Cantonese album was out shortly after her Chinese album, Spreading.
Sales did very well in Hong Kong and DJs were recommending this album.
Mavis Cantonese pronounciation improved quite a lot. A pity is that the album
is just translation from her previous Chinese hits.

This album is rather the same from other albums but Mavis sounded sweeter
than ever. What attracted me to this album is the title of the main song,
Silly Woman, which was rather unusual compared to other title of the songs.

Recommended Tracks
Thinking of Home
Stars Shining

Spreading (Asia)aSpreading (HK)
Spreading ( Asia/HK )
| Dec 1997 |

After a 1 year long wait for Mavis' new Chinese album, it was finally released on
Dec 1997. In this album, Mavis had taken a step towards international music.
We can also see Mavis singing rock and instrumental songs.

Nice arrangement of music which stirs up quite an emotion. I must say that
Mavis still has to work harder to make herself more expressive in singing fast tracks.
This album gets quite boring in the middle. Also, Mavis' popularity was going
downhill during that year. She was banned in Taiwan for a year after
being said performing without a permit. Also, songs did not get quite
high in the charts in Singapore and was not even in the
Top 10 in the SPVA chart!

Little was seen in Mavis promoting this album in Singapore, which was perhaps
why this album did not stir up much attention.

The quality of songs is there but Mavis sounds a bit throaty and seems like
a rush to get the album done.

Recommended Tracks
Single Number
Listen to the Stars Sing

Listen Quietly
Listen Quietly
| June 1997 |

Mavis first album Cantonese album targeted at the Hong Kong market had her seen conquering
Hong Kong by storm. She beat Heavenly King Aaron Kwok and Sammi Cheng to sales,
snatching the No. 1 spot in the Hong Kong SPVA chart for 2 weeks!
Sales also did quite well in Taiwan and Singapore.

This album is actually a compilation of Mavis' old songs from her previous albums.
Only two songs, Knowingly and Confused, was translated to Cantonese.
Nice album on the whole but can get quite sleepy at times....

Recommended Tracks
Iron Window

Living By Night
Living By Night
| Jan 1997 |

Mavis's third venture is her best selling album so far, with a total sales of
120,000 in Singapore! Remarkable! The main track, Living By Night is the theme song of yet
another TCS Production. This whole album lets us feel the night and is perfect for soul-searching.
Excellent album to be played at night.

The quality of this album is also high. The song Colours, was composed by Mavis
and the MTV was also directed by her. The song actually took her 9 months to complete!
A nice album on the whole with a nightfeel, my favourite album.
Highly recommended to night souls..........

Recommended Tracks
Sunshine After Rain

Regrets (Spore)aRegrets (Asia)
| Dec 1995 | Feb 1996 |

Regrets, Mavis' road to international stardom. This album was released in Taiwan,
Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and was very well-received in all the places. It was at this
time that Mavis was recognised in Singapore when she shot to stardom for her song,
Moonlight in the City. It captured many people's heart with her
soothing and heart-warming voice accompanied with the romantic tune of the song.
It was the theme song of a TCS Production, Tofu Street, which won the Best Drama Serial
in the 1996 TCS Star Awards.

High quality  folk and love ballads can be found in this album and
is highly recommended.

Recommended Tracks
Iron Window
Take Me Away
Moonlight in the City

| Aug 1994 |

Mavis first album, Knowingly, did not roar up much attention
and sales were not up to satisfaction. Maybe it is because people did not
pay much attention to local singers and thought that it will be very hard
for them to make it big in this Asian music industry. But,
the quality of the songs in this album is high and highly
recommended. The second song, Knowingly, has actually climbed up to
the 93.3FM Top 20 Chart, highest recorded position was the 9th spot!

Although album sales did not do quite well, Mavis was
actually quite happy that her song had climbed to the Top 10 position,
which was quite an achievement for her at that time.

Recommended Tracks
Only this Life
Unknown Person
My Heart is the Sand in the Sea

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